Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ben's Baby

Ben has become quite determined to be "Mommy's hepper (helper)" and make "Annalyn heppy (Addilyn happy)"

Although he is not quite ready to tend to Addilyn, he has taken over full care of "Ben's Baby".

He does all the feedings on his own.

He can even multitask. Tonight Ben decided Baby was ready for her first bath

She got a careful scrub with the washcloth and a rinse.

Baby waited patiently while Ben played with his toys. So nice of her!

Baby needed a warm towel,

clean teeth,

and the "bome" in her hair.

Then, Baby was ready for a story.

A happy Baby and wild Ben were FINALLY ready for bed.

This was quite the process. Although it was super cute, Baby may need to go to bed a little early tomorrow.

"Oh no, Baby's sleeping. Shh."


Monday, January 17, 2011


Last Thursday Ben turned two. It's hard to believe he is so old already!

Ben's biggest obsession is the phone. He loves to 'talk' on the phone. He walks around chatting, pushing the buttons, taking pictures, and accidentally racking up large Internet fees. He'll beg for your phone, find it in your purse or pocket, and climb on counters, tables and chairs to get a phone. We've even seen him have lengthy conversations on a fork, a banana, and the strap on his car seat.

So, naturally the theme for Ben's birthday party was phones.
I made him a cake shaped like Daddy's phone.

All the work was worth it when Ben pointed and said, "Daddy's pone (phone)!"It didn't taste too bad either.

Ben loved being having Happy Birthday sung to him and requested it be sung again and again.

We re-lit the candles he sang to himself. Super cute!

Ben's friend Aaron helped inspect and try out each of the gifts.

Aunt Jean gave Ben a bubble machine. This really got the party going!

Ben and Aaron showed off their cooking skills in Ben's new kitchen.

We have eaten imaginary cake and lemonade ever since. Ben brings us cups and bowls asking, "Want some?" or "Bite?" And apparently chocolate milk now comes out of the corner of our couch. Who knew? He also insists on washing his hands in 'Ben's sink' before eating.

What a year this has been for Big Ben! He learned to walk, talk, hear, and had a baby sister. He's gained 18 pounds since birth and grown nine inches. I can't wait to see what the next twelve months will bring!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!