Friday, September 28, 2012


Ben is going back to Dragonfly Preschool this year. He loved it last year and we love it even more. Dragonfly is a Special Education Preschool for kids ages three up to entering kindergarten. He has three teachers and about 7 to 10 kids in his class. The teachers have been great working with Ben's 'ears' and being extra careful about background noise. He is the only student with hearing issues but, one of his teachers has several Deaf children of her own. Ben comes home with songs, art, and stories everyday. He is excited EVERY school morning.


River Fun!

The kids and I had lots of fun playing in the river this summer.


Super Ben!

Ben has become a fan of any thing Super Hero. We have to call him 'Super Ben'.
He takes his role very seriously.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Visit With Great Grandma and Aunt Jean

We spent Spring Break in California visiting Great Grandma Daisy and Aunt Jean. We hadn't been to California since Ben was Addilyn's age. Both kids did a great job in the car (thanks to Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, and Dora movies).
We got lots of much needed family play time.
Addilyn became obsessed with a little red ball which she tossed and carried everywhere.
Ben and Aunt Jean made lots of tall block towers.
Every day we went to a different park. Ben got to ride a T Rex and Addilyn climbed on, up, and through everything. She has a become a strong willed little girl!
Ben fell in love with all the 'pum trees'.
Ben remembered Grandma's orange and lemon trees and was excited to make lemon aide. He taught little sister how to pick the perfect lemons. He juiced them, stirred in lots of sugar and water and decided he prefers apple juice.
Aunt Jean took us to the beach where she and Ben built a sand castle subdivision and Ben ran frantically from the waves.

Addilyn ran into the waves. Repeatedly. Strong. Willed.
We spent a day at the Monetary Bay Aquarium (thanks to Aunt Georgia for getting us all tickets!).
Both kids loved the touch pools and the crashing waves. Ben dressed as Nemo and ran wildly through the play area. Addilyn found the Jellys quite soothing. Ben thought the sea horses with their tails curled together were pretty cool.
On our way back to the car, Ben saw 'Captain Hook'. We had to buy a sword and pirate hat for Pirate Ben (as we now must call him).
Addilyn only wants to 'aw tide' now and has developed a love for flowers.We already miss our Aunt Jean Great Grandma and free time! Arrrrr!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Paddy Addie

Little Miss Addie found her pot of Gold!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!

Ben is three!
He loves anything that goes fast or loud. So, we had a race track birthday party for him. We rented the gym at my school and pulled out all the ride-on toys. Each kid got a goody bag with a checkered flag, matchbox car, and a tool.
Daddy built a ramp for the kids to race their matchbox cars. It didn't take long for the other Daddies to modify the ramp and add a few jumps!
Little sister was the first to try out the race track.
A little push from a friend!

I made him a Lightning McQueen cake! One happy three year old boy!