Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ben has been activated (had the sound turned on in his processor) for 18 days.

We noticed a week or so ago he began acting differently. For a few days, he decreased his usually loud vocalizations and stopped banging with his hammer. We thought he might be hearing the sounds he was making for the first time.

Then miracles happened: he dropped to the ground and turned when we slammed the lid to his toy box. Ben's first startle to sound with his 'new ear'!

Today, Ben turned to his name while he was playing. Super exciting!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Ben is one today! It's hard to believe we have known him for only a year. He has taught us more than we could have imagined. We are blessed!

12 hours old

January 2009- Twelve hours old

January 2010! Happy Birthday!

At one year Ben:
Loves to eat bananas and oranges
Weighs 20.5 pounds
Still loves his pacifier
Says "Dadadada" and "dabadaba"
Is loud!
Plays with anything he can pound or throw
Hums himself to sleep almost every night
Hates water on his head
Loves his Daddy
Points and smiles at each person we pass in the store
Screams at the vacuum
Drinks his bathwater
Is ticklish everywhere
Throws his food
Cuddles with Mommy
Fights each diaper change
Climbs the stairs
Walks like Frankenstein
Likes to be outside
Is opinionated and strongwilled
Brushes his own hair
Is not a fan of stuffed animals
Tries to feed people
Always wants the phone and remote
Loves peek-a-boo
Smiles all the time
We can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The sound is on!

Dr. Don turned on Ben's sound today. He created four programs for Ben's processor. The first is the quietest and the fourth is the loudest. The audiologists want Ben to slowly get used to sound and not be startled.

In Don's office we tried the first two programs without much of a response. We know, according to Don's computer, sound was going into the electrode.

Once we got home we tried all the programs. We vacuumed, yelled and banged a hammer. Still nothing. The sounds may not be loud enough for Ben to have a big reaction (we don't want that reaction to be tears). Ben needs practice learning what the sound coming in means. We have to teach him how to listen. This is where the Auditory Therapy will come in.

On Friday, Don will turn the sound up once more. Once again we'll have four programs to try out. Maybe then we will have a head turn. I can't wait to stop yelling at my baby.