Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoo Trip

Today Ben went to the Zoo.

He loved the elephants. He jumped and giggled saying "ene ana, ene ana".

We had to drag him away from the pigs (iggys).

These penguins knew how to show off. Ben waddled saying "peep, peep, peep".

When we left he waved and said, "Bye, bye ena gena".

Cousin Maddie and Megan made sure Ben got to pet every pygmy goat,

ride each concrete animal

and ride the fake horse.
The left over sugar from this elephant ear may have led to his populatiry in the petting zoo.

This beaver is trying to convince Ben to be a Beaver fan.

But Ben loves his Ducks!

We had a wonderful, long day. Complete with a good-bye hug from a really big bear.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not So Sure

Ben's second implant activation was quite a bit different from the first.
He did not want the processor anywhere near his ear or the magnet put on. After some convincing and a lot of distracting, we were able to get the magnet on long enough for Dr. Don to turn the sound on. Ben startled so suddenly the block in his hand flew in my face, leaving a pretty shiner under my eye.
Each time we attached the magnet, so Ben could have some sound, he winced and tried to pull it off. He said "all done" over and over.
I didn't have much better luck that evening either. Since Ben wants to be just like daddy all the time, daddy wore his new ear for a while. Ben caved in and wore it for a few moments after that.

The next morning, I held his arms down, stuck his ears on, and headed outside. Ben spent over an hour playing with both ears on!Distract...


A busy boy with TWO EARS

Today, day 3, has been even better. Ben wore both ears most of the day. At one point, he had only his new ear on. I had to call his name pretty loud before I got a reaction. The sound is still pretty low.

After dinner, Ben took his new ear off and signed hurt and pointed to his head. I'm not sure if the surgery site is sensitive or he was just tired of listening. Either way, it's his choice (or luxury) to turn off the sound and rest for a while.

Lot's of changes for a little guy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Ben celebrated his Fourth of July in true American style: family, BBQ, and fireworks.
He enjoyed some yummy BBQ ribs,
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hanging out by the fire with Grandma Mary,and roasting marshmallows with Daddy.
Ben loved his first roasted marshmallow.

He even tried holding a sparkler. It was a bit scary but super fun.