Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ga Ka

I use Ben's blog as a place to save memories. To document his hearing, development, and show off cute pictures.
A blog is a ridiculous place to try to pay tribute to a man like Ben's Grandpa Paul. Our hearts ache for Ben's loss. Without knowing it, he has lost one of his biggest fans, one of his very favorite people, a man that would have loved to play with him for many more years. Ben doesn't feel the sadness, and that's good. But, we see what could have been for Ben and his Ga Ka.
In 16 months, Paul bragged about his Little Ben, supported his parents in some very difficult decisions, and loved his grandson so much you could see it on his face.

He was the first we told when we found out we were pregnant. Paul was back early the next morning with a dozen roses.

He arranged Ben's ABR with the best audiologist at Dornbecher in record timing.

He made sure we had the best ESD audiologist and TOD.

He offered first to hold Ben, so Mommy could finish eating dinner.

When Ben fell in love with his swing at daycare, Paul bought and installed one
at his house. Then spent hours pushing him in it.

He came to our house, lit a fire and made it cozy warm for us when we came home from Ben's surgery.

He fed Ben bit's of ham as he carved it and Ben begged like a puppy at his feet.

He always scooped Ben into his arms as soon as he walked in the door.

He spent countless hours walking with Ben, naming each thing Ben pointed to.

When Ben started crawling and mommy the rule that everyone must take their shoes off, he was the only one that did. Every time.

He commented on and celebrated each milestone Ben made. Little ones, only a Special Ed teacher would notice.

When babysitting Ben, he managed to put Ben's diaper on backwards. Twice.

He filled Ben's Easter basket with his favorite snacks and drinks.

He gave Ben lawnmower rides.

It's impossible to remember or list everything I want Ben to remember. He just needs to know his Grandpa loved him.

Loved him.

And he taught Ben's Daddy how to be just like him.

Bye bye Ga Ka. We love you.
We miss you.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beach Time

Today Ben enjoyed his first walk on a windy Oregon beach.

He was more interested in the birds than the waves.

The loose sand was bit scary.

We had to leave after his repeated attempts to introduce himself to a strangers dog.

This is his "If I smile real cute, I can do what I want" face.

Thankfully we are still faster and stronger!