Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with Auntie Sarah, Cousin Maddie and Uncle Marc. Ben met a cow named Bob.
A Turkey named Tyson.

And a sheep named Chops.

He went down the hay slide with Maddie,

played in the hay with Daddy,

and spent a LONG time digging in the wheat.

Ben helped Maddie pick the perfect pumpkin.

And then....
Ben discovered.....

Again and again!

He laughed so hard, tears ran down his face!

It looks like we sent him down by himself (which he would have loved) but he is really trying to go up the slide on his own.

Unfortunately, we had to leave.

When we got back to Grandma's, I asked Ben what he wanted carved into his pumpkin. He said, "O".
Carving an O into a pumpkin is really much harder than it looks.
This was my second try.
Half way through we discovered he really wanted to eat 'O's. As in Cheerio O's.
Oh well. At least it was game day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've had a lot of questions about how Ben has been doing since his second implant. I love the questions and love to give my answer.
"Perfect. We think he's doing really well."

More specifically, Ben is just a 20 month old boy with extra ears. He runs, climbs, tries to jump, dances, loves to sing, and never stops talking. We often forget he's deaf and truly couldn't imagine what he'd be like if he couldn't hear us.

He shouts "touchdown" every time football is on t.v, calls every flat space to put things a "teple" (table), loves to eat "tow an yam" (toast and jam), drags a step ladder throughout the house saying "up da ladda", uses a "teep ne ne" (tape measure) in the car to turn the light above his head on and off, and has long 'conversations' on the 'phone' always ending with "Yeah. Okay. See ya. Bye."

We sing songs in the car, when he's in a bad mood or when he's sad. He shouts out the animal he wants to be on Old MacDonald's Farm and adds in each of the animal sounds though out the song. He 'signs' and sings the "A d ds" (ABCs) with me. Today after a fall, in tearful snuggle he sobbed, "un on mommy." (Sun song, Mommy) This is our go-to feel better song, 'You Are My Sunshine.'

Ben's two favorite phrases are "excuse me" and commanding people "sit down". He'll ask for things by saying, "Wan more appa pus." or "Ben hungry. Wan eat."

He talks in his sleep saying things like "chick n nunnets" (chicken nuggets), "Mommy home", and "vroom vroom."

He announces each time someone enters the room or leaves it, tells you what you're eating or drinking, and verbalizes what you have just done. "Mommy light on." or "Mommy coat on."

He argues, protests, and bargains. He says, "uh oh dado" (uho spagetti-o) when his batteries go dead or a magnet falls off.

Sometimes we have challenges with his 'ears' and at times we have pangs of sadness when he wakes up scared in silence or his 'ear' was accidentally shut off. We do wish every day that he could hear naturally and often wonder what exactly does he hear.
But right now, we are happy, Ben is happy, and that's all that matters. He talks and listens all day long. He's perfect.

Pumpkin Time

Today we got 'nanans' (pumpkins)!

Ben painted his own pumpkin.

And helped clean out Daddy's pumpkin.

.He loved sorting out the seeds

.and scooping out the guts.


He was excited to stick his fingers in the holes of the pumpkin,

but not convinced this was an eye.

He's saying, "No eye, Mommy. Nannan!"

.He is trying to blow out the candle. Each time he succeeded he'd say, "Light off. Wan light on."

.Blowing the 'light' out again.


Ben loved eating the 'deeds'.

. He doesn't look thrilled, but he actually
pulled his ladder up and chowed down on quite a few seeds.
Just like his Daddy: if it's salty and crunchy, he's eating it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dee Nah

When Daddy's out of town Ben and I get pick what's for 'dee nah' (dinner), no matter how strange it may be.
Tonight was one of Ben's all time favorites: rice with cheese and carrots.

He helped puree the cooked carrots.
Then add the cheese,

blend it all together,

and pour it into the bowl.
I didn't get pictures of him stirring in the rice because it took both my hands to keep him from shoveling it into his mouth.
And the final test....
How does it taste?
Good enough to leave the boy who NEVER stops taking speechless!