Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went to our favorite pumpkin patch. This was Addilyn's first trip and definitely Ben's most memorable.

We went through a corn maze, a dark maze, down a hay slide, rode trikes, and much more.

We were surprised how much Addilyn loved the tractor ride.

She also had fun crawling through the tubes

and playing in the wheat bin.

She sampled a few handfuls.

Ben examined LOTS of pumpkins looking for his favorite.

It was difficult to concentrate with straw down his pants.

He persevered and found the PERFECT pumpkin.

Once Ben found his pumpkin he tried eating it. He said it did not taste good at all. I told him pumpkins need to be cooked to be tasty. He cried, "No! Don't cook my pumpkin!"
After that, the pumpkin remained heavily guarded. He took it to daycare the whole next week and slept with it for the next two nights. When he left the room without the pumpkin he'd give me a warning look and say, "Don't cook dat pumpkin Mommy!"

Ben would have taken the slide home if were at all possible.

I think Daddy would have agreed to that one too!

Addilyn went down a few times on my lap and LOVED it. But, no pictures when the photographer plays!

After 4 hours of playing we were all exhausted!

What a great fall day!