Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veteran's Day

In honor of Veteran's Day, a town close to ours hosted an exciting celebration- a Blackhawk Helicopter landing. Ben was super excited and certain he was going to be driving it. Addilyn, as usual, was just happy to go somewhere.
We arrived just in time to see the helicopter land in Riverview Park.


Ben pushed his way through the crowd of people and climbed inside. He sat in each one of the seats.

And the Pilots seat! He got to push all the buttons and move the controller.

He said, "Buckle me up Mom. I'm ready to go!"

Just giddy with excitement!

Ben also got to 'drive' a Firetruck. An actual Fireman climbed in while Ben was at the wheel. Ben turned to him pointed to the back and said, "You can just sit right there." Poor guy!

Watching the Helicopter take off was really cool. It took the pilots along time to get ready, even after starting the engine. In this video Ben is saying, "Say cheese pilots. Say cheese for Mommy." Pilots sounds like 'pirates'.

To top it all off, the local paper took a picture of Ben in the Pilot's seat. It was published the next day. You can see it here:

click the little 'more' button under the picture of the guy on the horse on the left hand side if you can't see Ben's cool picture.

The next morning, when I got Ben up, he said, "Ok. I'm ready to go fly my helicopter now."

It's so much fun to see my little boy that happy.