Friday, March 26, 2010

Three Months Hearing

Today Ben had another booth test and a MAP adjustment with Dr. Don. In the booth Ben tested at 15 db. That's incredible for a little guy who couldn't hear a thing three months ago!

Don preformed a few language evaluations on Ben also. He was quite impressed.
Some great things noted were:
  • Consistently responding to familiar and unfamiliar environmental sounds. Such as: the dog barking, a knock at the door, or a beep from a machine.
  • Responding to his name. (He signed his name each time we said Ben.)
  • Differentiate between Mom and Dad's voices and turn to the person talking.
  • Using words/sounds to communicate.
  • Responding to words when not looking at the speaker. (Don asked if Ben recognized words. I said, "Sure he knows daddy......". From across the room Ben looked up from his toy and signed and said dada.)
  • Have a change in behavior when the sound to his implant spontaneously goes off. (Ben takes his his ear off and hands it to one of us while whining if his battery goes dead or the magnet slips off.)

According to Don, Ben's language is developing at a quick pace. He is using all the sounds that would be expected from a typical hearing 14 month old.

Ben put on quite the show, playing, talking and signing. His favorite word for today was hep. He asked for hep opening a toy, sitting in a chair, and opening his snacks.

He also looked super smart when he wanted a snack from Don and said "mmm uh" while signing more please. Our little prodigy!

Mommy and Daddy couldn't be prouder!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Great Grandma has an orange tree in her back yard. Ben fell in love.

He picked his first Orange.

He was so excited, he bit into it right away.

But, something was very wrong with this orange.

It tasted awful!

He tried to put it back on the tree.

After much convincing, Ben kept his orange.


It was delicious after all!

As soon as he finished, he hopped down and grabbed Great Grandma's finger. He led her out the back door, right back to the orange tree. Over and over!

We came home with at least 20 pounds of Great Grandma's oranges.

Great Grandma Daisy

We spent last week with Great Grandma Daisy in California. Ben had a wonderful time.

He took Great Grandma on walks
and always used his best manners; signing please, saying ta tu (thank you), and asking for hep (help).

Grandma took Ben, Daddy, Mommy, and Uncle Jon to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Ben loved the touch pools,
the penguins,

listening to the sounds of the whales and seals,

and making crayon rubbings of dolphins.

He was a little confused why he couldn't get his pacifier wet in the wave tunnel.
What a fantastic vacation!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I have the cutest kid in the world.
Yes, I'm biased. But, take a look and you'll agree!
I pulled out a purple flower for him. He is trying to put it back.

Ben is known for this smile all around town. Really, how can you not smile along with him?

Ben signs 'Daddy'. Definitely his hero.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Ben said "MOMMA"!

Honestly, as far as excitement goes, it's a tie between seeing him for the first time or hearing my name from his little mouth.

Thank you Cochlear!