Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ben's latest phrase is: "Oh! Hear dem."
He says it about everything he hears: the door closing, the radio, my squeaky rocking chair, the baby crying, everything.

And every phrase now starts with "Oh!" - "Oh Mommy, Ben hungry", "Oh, Otis barking!" "Oh, whoopie!" (My personal favorite) It is a little word, said with such excitement, in a sweet little tone you can't help but smile.

Today the rain stopped just enough we could go outside for a walk.

Ben kept stopping, pointing and saying, "Oh, Mommy! Hear dem?"

It took me a minute to realize he was hearing birds squawking.

As one flew by I pointed out (with tears in my eyes) and said, "Those are birds. You hear the birds!"

His response: "Oh Mommy! Hear dem burbs!"

and again: "Oh! Burbs!"
"Oh! More burbs!"
I think Addilyn heard dem burbs too!